EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: THE GREEN LANTERN #9 Features Swords, Sorcery, and the End of all Superheroes!


Mourn the fallen: Marvel Maid, Logi, Quisto, Regor, Super-Male, Vartox, and countless more. Pray for the living, for they know so little about the fate that awaits them on the Day the Stars Fell Down! In The Green Lantern #9, bear witness to an apocalyptic force that “eats up super-people and spits them out.” The Lantern Corps have been alerted and the United Planets Superwatch is in session, but can anything stop this seemingly unstoppable being? Especially while Hal Jordan is off doing battle in a world of fantasy?!

Check out the Beat’s exclusive preview of The Green Lantern #9, out this Wednesday, after the jump.

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