INDIE VIEW: Canadian Anti-Semitism explodes in ‘Christie Pits’

Christie Pits
Written by Jamie Michaels
Illustrated by Doug Fedrau
Dirty Water Comics

In the United States, Canada has become shorthand for “a more sane place to live” in the exasperated vernacular of the left. It’s most often evoked in the phrase “if this certain happens, I’m moving to Canada.” And “this certain thing” can be literally anything to do with a victory on the right, depending on the mood of the left-leaning American using the phrase, but the best amongst us at least try to reserve it for instances of, say, Donald Trump being elected to the office of the president.

Keep in mind that this is typically uttered by the same people who for the last several years thought a parade of sure-things was going to save us from our sad little tyrant, from the Supreme Court to the Mueller investigation. So the feeling is, well, nothing in my country can save me from this awful thing, so I guess I’ll count on another country to save me from this awful thing.

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